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USB Devices not working in VirtualBox

Recently, I installed Windows 8 on a VirtualBox. Everything seemed to work great until I tried to sync my phone. Since that did not work, I tried connecting a USB flash drive (memory flash card via my monitor's flash card reader). That did not work either. Then I tried connecting my video camera. No luck. Windows 8 would not recognize any of those devices. Device Manager in Windows 8 would have a warning icon next to the device in question.

After searching through forums and videos on YouTube I came across a badly made video (sorry forgot to note the link and now I can't find it) that had the answer. But it was not emphasized.


  1. Make sure your virtual machine is shut down
  2. Navigate to your virtual machine's Settings
  3. Click on USB
  4. Make sure both Enable USB Controller and Enable USB 2.0 (EHCI) Controller are checked


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