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Today I completed the Influencer training. The Influencer Model is a structured process of how to cause change. It starts with defining a problem in a form of solution. Once the solution has been defined via clearly measurable results then brainstorm on what the vital behaviors cause the wanted results. After finding the vital behaviors, analyze the sources of influence that should be placed to cause change. Make sure to apply at least four sources of influence as this will raise the success rate of change.

Having the analysis complete, execute by implementing analyzed plan and new vital behaviors. Lastly, measure the results.


Why Learn?

Learning for the sake of acquiring knowledge is rarely beneficial. But learning for the sake of making the right choice based on the acquired knowledge, now that's wisdom.

In this blog I will attempt to paraphrase things I learnt for the benefit of those around me. They say that the best way to learn/remember what you have learnt is to teach someone. So this blog will be my attempt at teaching others with a hidden motive of actually trying to learn things myself.

The Learning Pyramid

The Learning Pyramid

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